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Cloudwebservices (NL) joined the RING

Cloudwebservices - AS 213268 - joined the RING today.

Hosting company aiming to deliver the fastest and most secure cloudservices to customers. This includes: Webhosting, VPS-Hosting, Managed-WiFi and Colocation.

Users can connect to, which is located in Netherlands.

Neutrinet (BE) joined the RING

Neutrinet - AS 204059 - joined the RING today.

Neutrinet is a non-profit network operator in Belgium created in 2011 and a member of the It currently provides static ip addresses via a vpn for self-hosting and a collocation project in Brussels, Belgium. The purpose of the association is to maintain, develop and promote the use of information exchange networks, in respect of the principle of network neutrality and the defense of fundamental rights. We promote the use of Free software.

Users can connect to, which is located in Belgium.

TerraTransit AG (DE) joined the RING

TerraTransit AG - AS 42366 - joined the RING today.

TerraTransit’s main focus is research and development in cloud based datacenter infrastructure. We are searching for massive scale at lowest cost. All our services are based on our inhouse developed technology stack. From high efficient server mainboards to highspeed ddos protecting routers and liquid submerged datacenter cooling.

Users can connect to, which is located in Germany.

Freie Netze Muenchen (AT) joined the RING

Freie Netze Muenchen - AS 212567 - joined the RING today.

Freie Netze Muenchen runs a community network. We believe in the idea of internet access for everyone and uncensored networks. We also run a DoH/DoT and DNSCrypt service as well as a free and open videoconference platform.

Users can connect to, which is located in Austria.

Oderland Webbhotell AB (SE) joined the RING

Oderland Webbhotell AB - AS 44136 - joined the RING today.

We are a hosting company focusing on premium web hosting. Our mission is to delivery a problem-free hosting experience that enables businesses to spend more time making a difference in their daily work.

Users can connect to, which is located in Sweden.

MIDnet (US) joined the RING

MIDnet - AS 16970 - joined the RING today.

MIDnet is a transit network located near Houston, Texas, USA and exists for experimentation and troubleshooting as well as customer interconnections and lab activities. MIDnet is so named for the legacy of the original MIDnet (AS93) which was the first NSFNET regional network to become fully operational in 1986.

Users can connect to, which is located in United States.

IT Relation A/S (DK) joined the RING

IT Relation A/S - AS 62319 - joined the RING today.

IT Relation is a danish company with 700 employees. We are dealing with hosting and managed services to primarily companies located in Denmark.

Users can connect to, which is located in Denmark.

NETHINKS GmbH (DE) joined the RING

NETHINKS GmbH - AS 8319 - joined the RING today.

NETHINKS GmbH is a business ISP and service provider in Germany, founded in 1996. Apart from delivering internet and MPLS services via DSL, leased lines and mobile network, we also provided VoIP services with hosted or on-premise solutions as well as SIP trunk and uplinks. We also support management solutions like OpenNMS, or our open-source CMDB/asset management software ‘DATAGerry’

Users can connect to, which is located in Germany.

Cybera Inc (CA) joined the RING

Cybera Inc - AS 15296 - joined the RING today.

Cybera is Alberta’s not-for-profit organization responsible for driving economic growth through the use of digital technology. Our core role is to oversee the development and operations of Alberta’s digital infrastructure, which includes the advanced system of networks and computers that keep government, educators, not-for-profits, and entrepreneurs at the forefront of technological change. Cybera is also the provincial operator of the Alberta portion of the National Research and Education Network.

Users can connect to, which is located in Canada.