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DELTA Fiber (NL) joined the RING

DELTA Fiber - AS 15435 - joined the RING today.

DELTA Fiber provides high-speed broadband, TV and fixed telephony to households and businesses connected to its superior FTTH and coax network in the Netherlands. The company is a combination of DELTA and CAIW.

Users can connect to, which is located in Netherlands.

Witine Limited (UK) joined the RING

Witine Limited - AS 58007 - joined the RING today.

We are a British IT service provider providing various internet services including virtual and dedicated hosting, domain registration and LIR services.

Users can connect to, which is located in United Kingdom.

AS203528 (CZ) joined the RING

AS203528 - AS 203528 - joined the RING today.

Small network based in the Czech Republic, for educational/learning purposes.

Users can connect to, which is located in Czechia.

Maintenance: Upgrade to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

On February 7 2023 we will be upgrading all Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (aka “Bionic”) RING nodes to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (aka “Jammy”). This upgrade is necessary to ensure that all RING nodes receive timely security updates. An additional benefit is that we’ll have more modern software.

Note: Do not perform the Ubuntu upgrade yourself, the RING admins will first attempt an upgrade.


2023-02-06 17:00 UTC: Disable RING SQA on all nodes

By disabling SQA we make sure no excessive alerts are being sent while the nodes are being upgraded.

2023-02-07 08:00 UTC: Configure upgrade playbook on all nodes

Each node will be automatically upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04, rebooted, upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 and rebooted again. We expect all nodes to complete this process around 11:00 UTC.

2023-02-07 13:00 UTC: Reach out to owners of nodes which didn’t survive

We expect that a number of nodes (for whatever reason) will not successfully upgrade to 22.04. We will notify you if the upgrade was not succesful. In such cases we’ll simply ask that you re-provision the node with Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and not bother trying to repair the upgrade.

2023-02-08: Re-enable RING SQA, celebrate

Thursday most of the NLNOG RING should be back to normal, until next time in 2027 :-)

If you have any questions or concerns, let us know!

Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum (DE) joined the RING

Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum - AS 29484 - joined the RING today.

Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum (RUB) is one of the largest universities in Germany. RUB-NOC delivers network connectivity for more than 40.000 students and more than 6.000 employees. Also many student dormitories throughout Bochum are connected to the internet via our network.

Users can connect to, which is located in Germany.

GEANT (DE) joined the RING

GEANT - AS 20965 - joined the RING today.

We develop, deliver and promote advanced networks and associated e-infrastructure services. We support open innovation, collaboration and knowledge-sharing amongst our members, partners and the wider research and education networking community.

Users can connect to, which is located in Germany. - System & Project GmbH (DE) joined the RING - System & Project GmbH - AS 50030 - joined the RING today. was founded in 1994. We plan, implement and operate customer networks and services in our own network operations center and offer consulting services, especially in the IPv6 area.

Users can connect to, which is located in Germany.

Open Networks Association (CH) joined the RING

Open Networks Association - AS 210861 - joined the RING today.

We are a small LIR located in Switzerland which provides Internet to servers of friends.

Users can connect to, which is located in Switzerland.