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ABICOM (FR) joined the RING

ABICOM - AS 48213 - joined the RING today.

ABICOM is a french IT integrator company located in Clermont-Ferrand. We are specialized on IT infrastructures, MSP, cybersecurity, telecoms and audiovisual products. A unique partner with recognized expertise, we have a dedicated and certified team within our CONNECT IT entity. We guarantee you complete expertise in telecoms: fixed and mobile telephony, unified communications, 4G/5G, dedicated and/or shared fiber optic links, interconnection of MPLS/VPLS/SDWAN sites.

Users can connect to, which is located in France.

V4LESS-AS (DE) joined the RING

V4LESS-AS - AS 215250 - joined the RING today.

V4LESS-AS is a project of to pilot server-side IPv6-mostly operation, i.e., IPv4, ideally, only on ultimate hosts. We only speak IPv4-with-IPv6 nexthop.

To let operators test how well their network deals with server-side IPv6-Mostly/v4-over-v6 networks, four NL-NOG nodes have been provisioned:

  • v4less01: MTU1500, no IPv4 ICMP src on-path
  • v4less02: MTU1400, no IPv4 ICMP src on-path
  • v4less03: MTU1500, IPv4 ICMP src on-path
  • v4less04: MTU1400, IPv4 ICMP src on-path

Users can connect to, which is located in Germany.

TNGNET B.V. (NL) joined the RING

TNGNET B.V. - AS 39521 - joined the RING today.

TNGNET specializes in the development and operation of white-label ISP and IaaS platforms. By focusing on customizable infrastructure services, TNGNET enables businesses to extend their offerings in internet and cloud services under their own branding.

Users can connect to, which is located in Netherlands.

Raoul Brouns (NL) joined the RING

Raoul Brouns - AS 215296 - joined the RING today.

ASN for my personal experimental IPv6 / BGP project.

Users can connect to, which is located in Netherlands.

Tempest (US) joined the RING

Tempest - AS 36231 - joined the RING today.

Tempest stands at the forefront of dedicated server hosting, setting benchmarks in performance, adaptability, and resilience. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, bolstered by blazing speeds and diverse server configurations, is crafted to meet the most demanding workloads. When uptime and reliability are non-negotiable, Tempest emerges as the go-to choice for mission-critical applications and high-traffic websites.

Users can connect to, which is located in United States.

ForwardingPlane, LLC - ZTVI Ventures (US) joined the RING

ForwardingPlane, LLC - ZTVI Ventures - AS 19625 - joined the RING today.

ZTVI is a volunteer organization that provides educational opportunities for IPv6 deployment. Our flagship network, ZTVI, connects all members allowing for a seamless, robust, IPv6 experience conducive to complex configuration testing, prototype experimentation, and production-quality connectivity between all members.

Users can connect to, which is located in United States.

moji (FR) joined the RING

moji - AS 47160 - joined the RING today.

moji is an independent operator with its own dark fibre network covering Paris and many other French cities, delivering connectivity from 1 to 100Gbps. moji is also an infrastructure operator, and designs its own datacenters based on freecooling and adiabatic cooling. Present on France-IX and Ams-IX, moji has an open peering policy.

Users can connect to, which is located in France.

Ferox Hosting (NL) joined the RING

Ferox Hosting - AS 215680 - joined the RING today.

Ferox Hosting is a game- and webhosting company based in the Netherlands

Users can connect to, which is located in Netherlands.