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Q: Why?

A: Debugging networks is way easier thanks to looking glasses and things like route-views. This project aims at expanding the toolbox network engineers use on a daily basis to troubleshoot by providing shell access in a organised way to participants.

Q: What’s in it for me?

A: Through this project you will gain access to systems in a wide varity of networks. This will make it easier to run traceroutes/mtr from a lot of view points.

Q: Who will have unlimited access to the server I donate?

A: At this moment a small team of people manages the RING. Their details can be found here.

Q: What are your thoughts on security?

A: Please see the Security section for an extensive overview of our goals and thoughts.

Q: Who are participants?

A: See the Participants section for an up to date list.

Q: What software is installed on all ring nodes?

A: See the Available Software section for an up to date list.

Q: Whom can I contact for any further questions?

A: The RING Admins can be reached at