Looking Glass web interface

There is a public web interface available at the following address:


How to use the Looking Glass through SSH

The NLNOG RING offers a looking glass, solely accessible through SSH by RING users! You can ssh to the following server:


Don’t forget to use the proper username! If you ssh to this host you should drop straight to a dialog menu, where you can select either IPv4 or IPv6. Here are some pointers how to retrieve information:

Show detailed information for a prefix or IP:

 show route for all

Show all routes originated by AS15562:

 show route where bgp_path.last = 15562

Show all routes which have AS5580 in the path:

 show route where bgp_path ~ [= * 5580 * =]

Equivalent of show bgp sum:

 show protocols

Currently the ring is using BIRD as the BGP speaker, it might take some getting used to get valuable information out of it. ;-)

Peering with the Looking Glass

Peering with this Looking Glass is optional for ring users. If you want to peer with NLNOG RING, send us your details and setup a session with the following information:

AS: 199036
IPv4: (lg01.infra.ring.nlnog.net)
IPv6: 2001:888:2001::130 (lg01.infra.ring.nlnog.net)
Type: eBGP Multi-Hop
Policy: import NONE from AS199036, export ANY

The fine people at BIT sponsored the RING with the Autonomous System – AS199036.


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