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Looking Glass

Looking Glass web interface

There is a public web interface available at the following address:

Currently the ring LG uses OpenBGPd as the BGP speaker.

How to use the Looking Glass through SSH

With recent updates to the web-based interface, the SSH access through became obsolete.

Peering with the Looking Glass

Peering with this Looking Glass is optional for ring users. If you want to peer with NLNOG RING, send us your details or create a pull-request, and configure a session with the following information:

AS: 199036
IPv4: (
IPv6: 2001:7b8:62b:1:0:d4ff:fe72:7848 (
Type: eBGP Multi-Hop
Policy: import NONE from AS199036, export ANY

The fine people at BIT sponsored the RING with the Autonomous System – AS199036.