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V4LESS-AS (DE) joined the RING

V4LESS-AS - AS 215250 - joined the RING today.

V4LESS-AS is a project of to pilot server-side IPv6-mostly operation, i.e., IPv4, ideally, only on ultimate hosts. We only speak IPv4-with-IPv6 nexthop.

To let operators test how well their network deals with server-side IPv6-Mostly/v4-over-v6 networks, four NL-NOG nodes have been provisioned:

  • v4less01: MTU1500, no IPv4 ICMP src on-path
  • v4less02: MTU1400, no IPv4 ICMP src on-path
  • v4less03: MTU1500, IPv4 ICMP src on-path
  • v4less04: MTU1400, IPv4 ICMP src on-path

Users can connect to, which is located in Germany.